My Story

I believe in the power of words to connect, inform, and inspire.  After beginning my publishing career at the William Morris Agency in New York, I honed my writing and editorial skills at the Joy Harris Literary Agency where I worked with a client list of more than 150 authors.  As an agent, I sold books to publishers such as Random House and Little Brown.  More important, I became adept at supporting writers at every stage of the journey - from idea to publication.    

Since launching Alexia Paul Editorial over a decade ago, I have helped writers of all stripes create prose that sings.  Whether your aim is traditional book publishing, self-publishing, or persuasive online content, you are conveying a story.  Why not make it as compelling as possible?

As a publishing veteran and lover of language, I am committed to helping my clients’ words hit their mark with beauty and precision.   I have a natural curiosity and drive to learn, which makes my job a joy as each project is a deep dive into a new world.   

It is a difficult task to take an idea and expand it into a cohesive, appealing narrative.  Even more than the sweat and hard work of it, writing takes a certain amount of intellectual bravery.  I’d like to be your partner in this challenging, creative, and ultimately vital endeavor.  

Photograph by Taryn Rubin

Photograph by Taryn Rubin

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

– Anton Chekhov