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Developmental editing

Developmental editing is sometimes known as the “story” edit.  It means working with a writer to improve the content and structure of a manuscript – either fiction or nonfiction.  The purpose of this edit is to work together until your story is the best it can possibly be.  I will respectfully offer specific suggestions and creative input – as well as a healthy dose of encouragement (because who doesn’t need that?).

  • For fiction, the focus will be on analyzing the pacing, plot, characterization, style, and setting of your book. 
  • For nonfiction, attention will be paid to the clarification and organization of ideas, always keeping in mind the target audience.

Nonfiction ProposalS

A book proposal is a marketing tool used to sell nonfiction projects to publishers.  Even if you have a completed manuscript, you will in all likelihood still need to develop a persuasive proposal in order to garner interest from a literary agent or editor.  

A solid proposal includes such elements such as an Overview, Marketing Plan, Sample Chapters, Author Bio, and more, but the length can vary greatly depending upon the complexity of the project.  As a former literary agent, I know how to create a compelling proposal.  Whether your book is on the verge of completion or simply an idea with promise, I can advise, offer editorial help, or even write it for you.



Many professionals are experts in their chosen fields, but have neither the time nor inclination to write.  Still, their value proposition must be expressed through online content, articles, newsletters, or even books.  Today’s business owners know they need writing that resonates in order to cut through all the noise.  It’s another type of storytelling – and the best ones stand out. 

I am skilled at capturing an individual’s voice through the written word.  And though an online presence is important, a book really is the new business card.  Having a book with your name on it is a powerful way to establish yourself as an authority in your field.   

I have ghostwritten books for leaders in a variety of industries – law, finance, psychology, and more.  I’m a quick study, skilled researcher, and would love to work with you to assess how strong writing can help build your business.

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   “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic." 

- J. K. Rowling