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What is your process for developmental editing?

Once I have reviewed your manuscript (preferably an emailed Word document or Google doc), I will send you an edited digital file, as well as a three to four-page editorial letter.  I use Word’s Track Changes and Comment functions to make revisions and suggestions so my edits are always visible and you can either accept or reject them.  (It’s your book, after all!)  The editorial letter will contain my thoughts on your book’s strengths and weaknesses as well as offer specific ideas for improvement.

What are your fees?

Each project is unique, so the cost for the work will depend on many factors, including the length of your manuscript, complexity of the material, and whether you are hiring me to edit or to write.   The cost will be discussed up front so there are no surprises, and it can be structured as an hourly rate or a flat project fee.

How long does this process take?

Depending on your book’s length, a developmental edit can take anywhere from two to four weeks.  Once you’ve revised your manuscript, you may then want to me look at subsequent drafts, to which I will respond within two weeks.

Writing projects tend to take longer, and many factors will affect the timeframe.   The key is to have ongoing discussions regarding our mutual expectations.  A blog may take two days; a book may take a year.

How will we communicate?

I am a firm believer in consistent communication.  This work is important and often personal, so many of my clients come to think of me as a coach, supportive but willing to tell it like it is.  I respond to emails within one business day and am always happy to schedule a phone call.

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“If there's a book that you want to read,
but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” 
- Toni Morrison